All Terrain Anywhere Garden ™

$47.99 USD $140.00 USD -66% OFF


All Terrain Anywhere Garden ™

$47.99 USD $140.00 USD -66% OFF


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The best way to begin a self-sufficient garden anywhere!


  • Keeps out pathway weeds from your garden soil,
  • Prevent soil compaction
  • Felt bag cloth provide good drainage and durability 
  • Anti-Pest: Serves as a barrier to pests such as slugs and snails.
  • The sides of the beds keep your valuable garden soil from eroding or washing away during heavy rains.

Our All terrain Anywhere Garden is the most enjoyable way to start a garden with limited space and resources. It's beginner friendly, saves you money, and gives better success rate than traditional planting. Perfect solution for limited garden space, poor garden soil, and growing out of season crops. The raised soil is different temperature than ground soil, enabling growing tasty out of season crops. The raised design reduces strain from bending over to tend your garden and is great for older gardeners or people with mobility issues. Get something to sit on, tend your garden, and relax. Designed to allow roots to breathe, release heat naturally preventing root circling.

Your life will improve having a garden!

  • Improve your health.  Consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the most important steps to stay in your best shape. When you grow and pick your garden vegetables, the vitamin content is highest. Also, you are reducing the risk of eating vegetables that contain harmful chemicals- you grew them yourself! In addition, kids are more likely to eat veggies they help grow.
  • Save money on groceries. One of the benefits of a garden is growing your own expensive produce. You can grow organic produce for a fraction of the cost in the stores.
  • Get outdoor exercise. Gardening is a physical activity and pulling weeds, planting, and digging can burn calories. Gardening is also a good mental exercise and helps keep your mind sharp.
  • Natural stress reliever. Being outside in the fresh air and sunshine is a natural mood booster. Growing your own produce also gives you a great sense of accomplishment. Perfect retirement hobby!

The ergonomic handles make moving your garden easier, saving a lot of time. Can be used for soil or hydroponic applications both indoors and outdoors.

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