Remote Tactical Airsoft Claymore

$74.97 USD $150.00 USD -51% OFF

Remote Tactical Airsoft Claymore

$74.97 USD $150.00 USD -51% OFF
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Claymores are powerful and can surprise the unsuspecting. Made of quality thick ABS material that is eco-friendly, safe and harmless, anti-impact, and sturdy against damage.
Remove the lock from the water bullet clip, open the clip and pour a lot of water beads into it; If push upward the skylight of water bullet clip, you can put small amount of water beads in it; There is no restriction on specifications of water beads, you also can use flour or similar sized projectiles to replace water beads. If you want a tactical and fun advantage in outdoor airsoft or just for fun, this is perfect.
The product is equipped with safety switch, is safer and more reliable to use and need to remove the safety switch before use it.
The independent 2.4Ghz remote control module maintains the flexibility of the remote control and does not interfere with each other, has remote distance of 131.234ft to 197ft without signal interference.
The water bead bomb will explode in a moment under the control of remote control, and the scattered range is about 6-8m.
The product not only can be controlled by remote control, also can be opened by traction; Trace the line from the water beads bomb hole, when people pass by and pull the line, the water beads bomb will be open.
Tactical brackets on the water beads bomb make it convenient for tactical layouts, and the bracket is 360 degrees rotatable, can be opened or closed up, and easy to carry.
Built-in 4.4v 700mAh rechargeable battery and USB interface make the water beads bomb can be connected with computer or phone charging plug to charge; Battery should be protected from fire, heat and moisture, if the battery is wet by water, wipe the water thoroughly, and then use; Remote controller needs to be used with 2 pieces AA batteries(not equipped, please prepare by yourself).
Makes a great gift for someone 14 years or older!

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